Business Segments

We are an engineering company well known for consulting, planning and implementing infrastructure projects.
Our areas of expertise include Water and Environment, Transportation and Urban Spaces,
Oil and Gas Industry,Airports, Railways and Harbours as well as Bridges and Structures.

A. Water and Environment

GCU has been at the forefront of the water and environment sector since its inception in Uganda. We present our Clients with sustainable, technically sound, economical and innovative solutions to dealing with water and the environment. GCU services in this segment include ;

  • Feasibility studies, engineering design of water supply, sanitation and drainage systems.
  • Hydrological and Hydraulic analysis
  • Route optioneering for water supply and sanitation pipelines
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments.
  • Stakeholder engagements.
  • Health, Safety and Environment Monitoring.
  • Resettlement Action Plans.
  • Topographical surveys.
  • Resettlement Action Plans.
  • Topographical surveys.
  • Engineering design of water related structures
  • Geotechnical and materials design .
  • Tender assistance.
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Project and contract management.

B. Transportation and Urban Spaces

Roads and Highways are a means of connecting people around the world. GCU has a long and proud history of delivering major transportation and urban development projects countrywide. It is recognized for its client focus and quality in service across the board. We have contributed to the realization of projects in difficult terrains such as the Rwenzori Mountain ranges, and the Rift Valley Escarpment in Hoima district. GCU embraces the use of innovation in design and implementation of projects. Services provided in this sector include;

  • Feasibility studies, preliminary design and detailed engineering design.
  • Route optioneering
  • Environmental and social Impact Assessments
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • Pavement condition assessment
  • Geometric highway design
  • Interchange and Junction design.
  • Traffic studies and analysis
  • Road safety audits.
  • Topographical surveys.
  • Geotechnical, materials and pavement design
  • Tender assistance.
  • Health, safety and environmental monitoring
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Project and contract management

C. Oil and Gas Industry

With the discovery of Oil deposits in the Albertine region of Uganda, came the need for industry related infrastructure. GCU plays a leading role in the partnership with its Clients to deliver Oil and Gas related projects. We provide technical, engineering, construction and project management services from project conception to its completion and commission to the compliance of regulations.

D. Airports, Railways and Harbours

Airports are gateways to the world. GCU has partnered with Global Aviation experts to deliver the engineering design of airport projects in Uganda. Through this, the capacity of local aviation experts has been increased with a promise for a brighter future.
GCU has the capacity to deliver large aviation projects from master planning, detailed engineering design, economic analysis, project management and construction management. With the revival of the Uganda Railways system, GCU has participated in and has the capacity to deliver railways projects that involve master planning, preliminary and feasibility studies, detailed engineering design, project management and construction management. GCU is currently implementing the development of the Bukasa inland port on Lake Victoria. We have the capacity to plan, design and oversee the construction of ports and harbours up to the Operation and Maintenance of these facilities.

  • Development of Master plans
  • Operation, Maintenance and Management Consultancy
  • Financial and economic feasibility studies
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • Feasibility and preliminary studies
  • Modelling
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Project and construction management
  • Contract administration
  • Tender assistance and procurement

E. Bridges and Structures

Structural stability and condition of bridges and structures, is important in their service life. GCU acknowledges the importance of bridges in the transportation sector and other structures (buildings, tanks, etc.) in the infrastructural world. GCU aims to deliver such projects to the specifications of each Client and offers the following services;

  • Development of Master plans
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary designs
  • Structural condition assessments
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Geotechnical and structural analysis and modelling
  • Construction and contract management
  • Modelling
  • Project Management

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